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Membership Dues - 

Q:  Where does our dues money go, and why to we have to pay dues? 

A:  Every penny stays right here in Meadowlawn. You are helping to support beautification projects, events, minimal administrative fees, and anything we can do to make Meadowlawn a better place for us all. Your annual dues make you a voting member, giving you a say in any initiatives, projects, grants we apply for, and how we spend money. 

Although membership is not required to take part in any Meadowlawn events or projects, it helps us keep the lights on. Giving back to the community. Non-paying dues members are not eligible to vote on initiatives, potential projects we may want to embark on, how to spend grant money we get from the city, or how we spend any dues contributions.  

All of our board members are volunteers. 

The more dues paying members we have, the more we can do for Meadowlawn!