What We Do

Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association is for you.

We're a not-for-profit group, officially recognized as the voice of our neighborhood for the city of St Petersburg, FL, USA. We collect dues and in-turn provide services, create events, interact with the community and act as a liason and advocate for grants, ordinances, schools, city and county public services, city council, law enforcement and more.

Our core priority for 2023

As a group our highest priority goals are to increase your home values through initiatives like signage and community and business engagement. We serve 2,200 homes - if we help increase the home values by $1000 per home, that's a $2.2 million economic advantage. Help us help you make Meadowlawn a better place.

What we're not?

Our neighborhood association is an advocate and liason for homeowners. We are not a private HOA - we do not enforce codes and standards - however, the city does. We also do not levy fines against homeowners. We are here entirely to serve you and support the community.

Volunteerism has it's benefits

Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association is committed to volunteering for local interests and needs in the community, our schools and more. The benefit is our volunteer hours apply to some grants and benefits we get from the city. So the more you volunteer, the more the city can offer for our neighborhood.