Meadowlawn Team & Contacts

We're here to communicate with our community.

Whether it's directly with Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association, our local city council rep, the City/Mayor's office, local public services, Pinellas county and Florida state contacts, Federal representatives, code enforcement, non-emergency law enforcement and more, you most likely will find the right path to get whatever you need done, right here.

Your Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association Team

Nancy Pisecco
Vice President

Amy Williams

Paula Montlary
Communications Officer

Krystle Bechtel
Board Member

James Cuadrado Board Member, CONA Rep

Awilda Cuadrado
Board Member

Ryan Coley
Board Member

Tanya Mort
Board Member

Charlee  Bryson
Board Member

Lynn Hadsock
Board Member

Sumi Fink
Board Member

Your City of St Petersburg Contacts

If you click on a contact's name, it most likely redirects to their website or email address.

Parks & Recreation
City of St Pete
(727) 893-7335

Lisset Hanewicz
City  Council, District 4
(727) 893-7232

Ken Welch
Mayor, St. Pete
(727) 893-7111

Bonnie Green
Neighborhood Services, Code Compliance
(727) 892-5880

Richard Van
Community Officer, Meadowlawn
(727) 551-3182

Lindsay Cross
State Representative, District 60
(727) 552-2747