Monthly Online Meeting

Fast, easy, interactive.

The past decade has taught us a lot. Mainly that our neighbors are tech savvy and benefit from social networking, online meetings and app-based interaction. Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association hosts quarterly in-person meetings, however monthly online meetings are hosted the third Tuesday of every month and are open to the public.

What to expect:

  • Updates from your local liason for code enforcement, city services, law enforcement and more

  • Your voice is heard: raise issues, awareness, let us know about local events and interaction with your neighborhood association. We devote this time for you!

  • Fun meeting events like walk-a-meeting, park meetup meetings and more hosted online!

You can join active meetings by clicking here:

Online meeting guidelines & decorum:

During online meetings, we hope to maintain an inclusive, community-based feel where everyone is open to an exchange of ideas. With that said, we will loosely enforce a diplomatic tone and the following guidelines & decorum:

Guidelines & Decorum

  • While discussing specific neighborhood issues is allowed, divisive discourse and displays should be kept to a minimum to allow for inclusiveness and our spirit of community. Examples include politics, religion, etc.

  • If you would like to raise an issue, we ask that you chat your interest in speaking and mention the topic first. We will schedule you first-come-first-serve so everyone gets a chance.

  • Please no interrupting: we will limit time to ensure everyone gets to speak, however intentionally interrupting or engaging in unproductive back-and-forth discourse may get you temporarily removed from the meeting.

  • Nudity or inappropriate/vulgur displays will be blocked immediately, most likely with permanent effect.