Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are asked often. These are a few we are happy to answer frequently, in person, although it's easier to find here.

Is Meadowlawn an HOA? Is it required?

No. Not at all. We are not a homeowners association in the private sense. We are simply a CONA community organization, liason to the city and advocate for your needs as homeowners and citizens of the Meadowlawn neighborhood.

I received a fine - is it from you?

No. We do not have the ability to levy fines. However city of St Pete Code Enforcement regulary issues fines for code violations. We have a great relationship with our local investigator and can put you in touch here.

How can I get involved?

So many ways. We love new ideas, spreading community awareness, contributing to events, leadership, creating new events, volunteerism and community service, and more. Connect with us on Facebook or at a meeting, or submit an inquiry, and we can help point you in the right direction.

What do I get as a member?

Any Meadowlawn neighbor is welcome to attend meetings, events, volunteer, donate, and more. As a paid member your contribution entitles you to voting rights, an optional listing as a member business (if you have one), and access to future collective bargaining discounts.

How can I contact the Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association?

Good question. Because our board and members are not full time staff, we do not offer general contact information. However, this website has a form for Submitting and Viewing Issues, Checking Our Budget, Attending Online and Quarterly In-person Meetings, and posting/communicating on social media like Facebook. We also consider all requests on Facebook and this website, as well as at meetings, to be formal inquiries that we track and respond to, as such you will most likely receive a response for all valid inquiries. Any legal requests must be submitted in writing to P.O. Box 21184 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA 33742.