Ecological Center and Community Garden

A little bit of history…

When Meadowlawn Neighborhood was developed in the 1950’s the developer Johnny Haynsworth donated the land at 73rd Ave. N. and 18th St N. to Meadowlawn Neighborhood as long as it was used for Little League Baseball.  Meadowlawn Little League used the Baseball Field for over 50 years   The field was also used for Girls Softball for several years.  

Eventually the land was abandoned and In 2013 the land and baseball field was taken over by the Pinellas County School Board.  At that time there was some talk about turning the field into a Community Garden by residents of Meadowlawn. 

In 2014 the Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association began discussions with the City of St. Petersburg and the Pinellas County School Board to possibly have the city lease the land and turn it into a Community Garden, rather than the baseball field being abandoned and left to deteriorate.

The project was then taken to the City Council for approval of funds from the Weeki Wachee money the city uses for Parks and recreation projects.  The monies were approved and then came the next 7 years of negotiating and planning, and finally groundbreaking  of the Meadowlawn Ecological Center and Community Garden began  in 2019.

To where we are now…

 Phase 1 of the project which includes 20 plots, a butterfly garden, a new roof on the bleachers, rain barrels, ADA plots and parking and some landscaping is complete.  The gardeners have access to water, tools and extra soil.  Rentals are available via application.   A sidewalk on 18th Ave N has been put in, a sign and sodding.  We are awaiting some gutters, a mural on the concession stand and benches.

Phase 2 will add plots and an outside classroom to be used by the residents and Lynch Elementary School.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association