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Why build this garden?

Great for environment

Reduces pollution by sequestering carbon and no long distance shipping of produce

Supports endangered pollinators such as bees and butterflies

It’s healthy

Members will get very fresh and affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables

Gardening is physically active and helps to lower stress


The social opportunities and shared purpose build our sense of community and reduce crime


Members share their own knowledge and will also learn from experts about far more than just growing a garden! There will be opportunities to learn about our environment, food chain and cooking

AND our location recycles a historic space

Our garden will be located on 18th St. N. directly behind Lynch Elementary School on an unused baseball field. 

The field was donated by the builder, John Haynsworth (who developed Meadowlawn) , as long as it was used for baseball.  For 60 years baseball was played there.  With the extension of Fossil Park baseball fields the need for the field began to dwindle until there were no leagues there.  The Pinellas County School Board eventually bought the property.

The Neighborhood Association had been eyeing that piece of land to be used for a Community Garden.  Approximately 6 years ago discussion began with Pinellas County Schools to enter into a joint use agreement.  That agreement finally came to fruition this past spring.

What’s next?

We will keep our neighbors updated on progress, leasing options and the details on a ribbon cutting event.  We are confident this will be an added value to our neighborhood and a welcome addition. 


Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association